Steve's Sermon Notes: October 21, 2018

Steve's Sermon Notes: October 21, 2018

Written on 10/21/2018
Stephen Scarrow

Transformational Generosity          2Corinthians 9:6:15

Poverty Theology                  Transformational Generosity                       Prosperity Gospel

God is broke                            God is your provider                           God is a magic genie

Can’t Afford to give                Get to give                                          Give to get

Guilt-Based                             Grace-Based                                       Greed-Based

Legalism                                  Liberty                                                 Law

Stingy Slave                             Steward                                               Seed thrower

Give to avoid a curse              Give to be a blessing                           Give to get a blessing

Fear motivation                      Faith motivation                                  Fortune motivation

Empty rewards                        Eternal rewards                                  Earthly rewards

Giving is drudgery                   Giving is delight                                  Giving is duty

So…let your vocabulary concerning giving help you understand where you are.  Example: “I paid my tithe.”  “I am afraid that if I don’t pay my tithe God won’t bless me.”  “If I pay my tithe and then learn how to sow into a ministry, then God will give me everything that I claim with my words.”

Book: 2Cor. 9:6-15 (1Cor. 16) (Matt. 6:1-4)

Paul begins by quoting what would have been a well-known Proverb in his time (not from the OT Proverbs).  So this saying is a general concept encouraging the people to be generous…nothing more!.

1.      We decide what we give.  This implies planning and thinking it through…in his heart, prayerfully considering.

a.      What about tithing? We can learn some good lessons from tithing in the OT. We are not bound by OT law…Jesus and the NT writers tell us that we are free now to surpass the law!!

b.      What about Matt. 6:1-4?  Jesus is specifically talking about giving to the needy and he is not implying that somehow you will trick yourself into not knowing what you are giving.  Your giving should be kept secret from the crowd!  In no way is Jesus advocating sloppy, un-thought out, haphazard giving, especially when it comes to the church.

c.       1Cor. 16 Paul is very clear that our giving is prayerfully considered and planned.  He gives specifics!

2.      Give cheerfully (ilaros) not reluctantly or under compulsion.

3.      The basis of this giving is the abounding grace of God. This means that God as our provider gives us all we need so that His abounding grace can abound right through us!

a.      Look at verses 10-11 Here, Paul is alluding back to the time in which Israel was captive and looking for a time of restoration.  Paul is clear that there are two kinds of people…the righteous and the wicked.  The righteous will be provided everything that we need so that we can give and this ultimately will bring thanksgiving to God…which in Paul’s mind is the ultimate purpose of the Gospel!!

Look: (Application)

1.      Our giving is to come out of God’s bountiful grace poured out in our lives…in other words it is to be joyful.  Duty doesn’t cut it! It may pay the bills, but it does not reach the ultimate goal of the Gospel…thanksgiving to God!

2.      It is clear that Paul was teaching the church to be consistent in their giving, and encouraged exceptional giving.  Paul clearly wanted the church to care for each other and the needs of the church.  Giving to others in need was also encouraged, but the need of the church people was primary in Paul’s thought.

3.      Why we have a church budget that we vote on…we make a commitment to each other and we agree that the budget is a good framework for how we spend the money we will trust God to provide…through us! The budget should never limit our hilarious giving!! (Example of love offering for missionaries)