Steve's Sermon Notes: February 11, 2018

Steve's Sermon Notes: February 11, 2018

Written on 02/11/2018
Stephen Scarrow

Matthew 5:27-32                   Flourishing in Real Life                                  Feb. 11, 2018

We must understand that for Jesus holiness is wholeness. Flourishing is to be complete in Jesus.  It is to see things in life from the perspective of the Kingdom rather than from our own little kingdoms we create.  This is not something that happens in us naturally or even in one blinding ecstatic moment at the altar after an emotional cleansing.  This is something that must be taught (thus, Jesus taught his disciples for three years) and it must be learned.  It must be obeyed! Our confusion is that we have been taught that the disciples never understood anything until that blinding moment in the upper room when the Spirit of God manifested himself to the 120 gathered there. Completely false propaganda! The disciples had learned and understood much.  They were in total obedience to Jesus in the upper room, for it had been Jesus who told them to wait.  He had even told them who to wait for and what to expect…power!  If you still live your Christian walk waiting for some blinding experience that will miraculously transform you into the person you have always wanted to be…STOP!!!  Learn Jesus’s teachings and obey them!

Here are some things Jesus desires and provides for you!!! Wholeness, Health, Growth, Clear Godly thinking, Obedience that comes from the heart, Freedom from bondage!!  This is not new…Psalm 145 paints a beautiful picture of the loving Shepherd heart of God: He is near to those who call on him, He fulfills the desires of those who fear him, and He watches over those who love Him!  His desire is that we be like these lambs….(video of lambs running and jumping).

So, it is with this view of wholeness that we come to these two examples that Jesus used to apply this teaching to his hearers.  I will join these two together as they are very closely related.

Read Matthew 5:27-32  The disciple’s response (19:10) Jesus seems to raise as many questions as he answered.

***We cannot go back and undo what is done.  We dare not live under a sense of guilt—seek forgiveness and let us teach others around us to live in wholeness!

To understand this passage we must seek contextual clarity:

1.      Original passages: Exodus 20:14 and Deuteronomy 24:1-4

2.      Adultery had a penalty of death affixed to it, thus the illustration to cut off the hand or pluck out the eye.

3.      Women had no option to divorce in Jewish thinking…thus what Jesus had to say actually made women matter in marriage! Extremely radical for that day!

4.      Most interpreted the Deut. Text to say that “indecent” could even mean that she burned the toast.  It is this point that Jesus really went after.

a.      External:

                                                              i.      Just don’t do the act…

                                                            ii.      Get the right paperwork and send her packin!

b.      Internal:

                                                              i.      A pure heart and mind

                                                            ii.      Women matter! Marriage is about love and commitment and is for life.

5.      The word for marital unfaithfulness is the word “porneia” in Greek—a general term for a wide variety of forms of sexual immorality.

Take Aways:

1.      Jesus has a very high view of marriage…one flesh.

2.      Divorce is not in His original plan…but

3.      Adultery in all its forms breaks that unity and therefore can result in divorce.

4.      Jesus restores women to a place of partnership in the marriage relationship.

5.      Re-marriage is not to be approached lightly

6.      Further study on the topic of divorce and re-marriage…Matt. 19, 1Cor. 7

7.      Eph. 5 paints the picture of what marriage should be for Christ followers.

8.      Can we go back and try and fix the past? NO (1 Cor. 7) but we can repent of the wrong attitudes we have about_________.  We can find healing for deep wounds and abuse!